VCAP: CMA 7 Exam experience

This week finally I took and passed VCAP CMA7 exam and upgraded to VCDX CMA 7! Here are some tips for those who want to take this exam.


There has been a massive change to the form of the exam. The Visios are gone! It is now multiple choice exam like VCP. As a non-native speaker, I had 130 min to answer 60 questions. This included few drag and drops.

Learning tips

Read the blueprint carefully and don’t underestimate the importance of good foundations of design principles. The exam is not solely based on your technical knowledge. questions. Make sure you know the VMware Design Framework. The one that talks about design qualities and also design factors. Worth checking  Paul McSharrys VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide book!

Having all this in mind also don’t get surprised when asked very detailed technical questions. Like the ones that you would get in Deploy exams. Make sure you know the new features of 7.x inside out. No, the knowledge of vRA6 will not do :). Also, remember that it is all based on 7.2 version!

Overal Experience

I have very mixed feelings about this exam. I must admit that VCAP 6 CMA Design was quite a controversial topic within the community… I dare to say that questions were not formed correctly and contained a lot of ambiguous statements (no it was not my English 🙂 natives said the same). I think when we talk about the technology there is no place for this. If objects within a product have their names stick to it, don’t use synonyms. All those issues are gone with VCAP 7 CMA Design. Definitely a big plus. Second thing was that I was never sure if my connections in the Visios were working? The performance was pretty OK but I have always left without confidence that it worked properly :).

For the bad, I had a big respect for VCAP exams as it was a differentiator 2-3 years ago. Today this exam feels too much like VCP (did not take VCP though as I can go directly to VCAP having VCDX credentials). Obviously, the scope is different.

I would like to hear your experience, so please comment!

Learning materials:

  • Official VRA7 ICM Training book
  •  All vRA,vRO 7.x and NSX HOLs
  • Paul McSharrys VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide book]]
  • vRA 7.2 Reference Architecture

One thought on “VCAP: CMA 7 Exam experience

  1. Having done both the exam VCAP6-CMA design and VCAP7-CMA design myself, I agree every word you wrote here.

    Don’t know why but I still missed those visio diagrams when sat for VCAP7-CMA design 🙂

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